2019 Sponsorship

We are privileged to have a number of Sponsors within our Club who help keep our Club healthy and competitive. They achieve profile through our Signage options, our Social Media and through our Member Newsletters.

For our Sponsors we are able to facilitate relationships Business 2 Business and Business 2 Customer…with our aim to help them thrive in our town.

Every weekend you will find Sponsors on our Deck viewing the games and connecting with our Players and Members.

Under our umbrella we have:

  • 3 Saturday Football teams
  • 4 Saturday Netball teams
  • Wodonga All Abilities Football team
  • The Dogfathers

With strong links to:

  • The Murray Crays [Senior football team]
  • The Wodonga Junior Bulldogs Football Club [Sundays]

Some of our Players have also been lucky to secure employment with our Sponsors… further enhancing our partnerships.

Wodonga Football and Netball Club history

The Wodonga Football Club:

  • Formed in 1890, before joining the Ovens and Murray Football League in 1936.
  • Has played in 20 grand finals, winning 7 premierships. 
  • It has also produced eight Morris Medalists.
  • Secured its first premiership in 1967 under the leadership of former Collingwood player, Mick Bone, who then went on to coach the club to its second premiership in 1969.
  • David McLeish coached the club to the 1981 premiership.
  • Jeff Gieschen coached to success in 1987 and 1990. 
  • Ernest Whitehead coached the 1992 premiership. 
  • Richard Bence led the club to the 2004 premiership.

Our Netball Club:

  • Entered the Ovens & Murray Football and Netball League in 1993, our inaugural president being Jo Whitehead
  • Kelli Moylan has coached the netballers to its three premierships, 2002, 2004 and 2015. 
  • We have two Toni Wilson Medals  
    • Rebecca Smedley in 2002 
    • Chrissy Greve in 2004.

From the Board and President 2018

As the president of Wodonga Bulldogs I welcome the challenges ahead in 2019 and beyond. I do this confidently as season 2018 has provided our club with many positives and experiences that we will build on in 2019.

Our playing group, both football and netball, is young and determined. They have met the challenges of playing in the toughest football in country Victoria. As importantly they are great young people who have embraced the club and what it is to be a member of the community. 

They have embraced the club and have been significant contributors to the club through its social and community activities. 

This club has a proud tradition of success across the many years of the competition with seven 1st XVIII premierships and three A Grade netball premierships (since 1993) and Club Champions on six occasions.

The club whilst still striving for premiership success has been able to brand itself as a strong innovator and community member. 2018 has been a year of innovation. 

The club has taken on board the Jets, our fourth men’s AFL team. This is an open-age team of men with varied abilities, known as All Abilities AFL.  We have won an innovation (All Abilities AFL) award with AFL Border North East, a Wodonga Council award for inclusion in the community and have piloted a Wodonga council initiative known as a Fair Game (inclusiveness focus).  

We have been the only Ovens and Murray club and indeed in the district that has run a pre-season activity that involved the whole club, integrating the football and netball teams with a theme around inclusiveness and community. 

We will continue to innovate and be successful in both realms of competitive teams and community. 

I would like to extend a personal invitation to the community to become a supporter of the club and consider a sponsorship relationship in 2019 and beyond. 


Richard Bence  

President The Jets – our All Abilities Male AFL team

A word from our coaches…

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the Wodonga Football & Netball club. Undoubtedly, we are in a transitional period and with this comes immense excitement at the possibilities that exist for our club. 

Whilst our age demographic is quite young, the enthusiasm and willingness to work hard at building a culture and club that we are all proud of has meant that our netballers and footballers have an extremely high level of commitment and investment. 

The 2018 season posed many challenges and we are quite proud to say that we overcame many of these and certainly came out the other side with an enormous amount of belief and faith that we are on the right path with the plans that we are currently implementing. 

Our desire to be an organisation within our community that promotes respect, care and pride is highlighted by the many ways in which we are actively trying to ingrain this within all of our people as they progress through the club

Zac Fulford & Shea Cunningham

Senior Football & Netball Coaches