The Wodonga Football and Sports Club provides Football and Netball teams for under and open Age competition.

We aim to provide an environment for supporters, administrators, players and coaches that is safe, compliant with local and state governance, inclusive, discrimination free and allows individuals and teams to realize their potential.

The board will formally act upon any action that is outside the guidelines, identified in the various codes of conduct. The board will determine the appropriate response on a case by case basis.



  1. Play by the rules – the rules of your Club and the laws of the game.
  2. Attend training sessions and matches at times advised by the Club. If unable, for a valid reason to do so, players will inform the Club as soon, as is practical.
  3. Act respectfully toward the officials and players of their own and opposing Clubs.
  4. Respect and follow the directions of coaching staff, match and club officials.
  5. Treat all players with respect, as you would want them to treat you.
  6. Act respectfully towards match officials at all times.
  7. Abusive language is unacceptable. Players, officials and coaches need to respect that people can be affected by poor language and swearing in and around the change rooms and out on the ground.
  8. Avoid individual or collective behavior, which may reasonably be held by spectators as being offensive.
  9. Avoid all acts likely to incite spectators to violence or disorder.
  10. Make no detrimental statements in public (radio, television, print or electronic media) in respect to the performance of any match officials, players, or any policy decisions of the Club or the O & M FNL.
  11. Abide by the By-Laws, (Rules & Regulations) and the Competition Rules of the O&M FNL
  12. Respect the facilities and equipment of their own and opposing Clubs.
  13. Do not use remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability as many such comments are politically incorrect and it is your coach, team-mates, Club and family that are let down with such remarks.